3.5 Star Rating
  • Excellent Team; Efficient Service.

    we provider training to our team, including knowledge training, skills training, attitudes training to bring the best quality service.
  • Comfortable ; Convenient

    Suitable for many occasions, weddings, theme parties and all kinds of banquets, flexibility venue can accommodate up to 150 tables of the hall, and can fill more then 100 cars parking spaces.
  • Variety and Fresh Foods

    Sungai Besar geographical diversity, which determines the diversity of its natural production, coupled with the rapid development of agricultural science and technology, natural produce quite rich, harbor area produced the most fresh lobster, a large eel, red dates, crab, Pak Cheong, crab, prawns, etc.
  • Rich in Selection

    Chef constant pursuit of innovation, diversification is definitely not easily eat on the elsewhere, plus we offer a range of top-quality ingredients are the freshest seafood to authentic, with a specialty not available elsewhere.

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